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Bookings Guidelines

AUSCREW guidelines for booking Crew.


A Production Company can check Crew availability by phone or email. When holding a Crew member clarify the type of hold: quote hold, light hold, confirmed etc.

How a hold works

A hold becomes a confirmed booking if not released 48hours before the shoot, if not cancelled a cancellation fee will apply. Remember, Saturdays and Sundays are not working days for bookings therefore not included in the 48hours.

If a production company has multiple technicians on hold for the same role, they must inform agents. This is crucial when booking the job through more than one agent.

If a technician is under a first hold but receives a confirmed booking offer from another source, the company on first hold has 24hours to either confirm or release the technician. Confirmed bookings if cancelled incur cancellation fees.

Weather hold

Production companies must release a weather hold by 9am on the day before the scheduled hold or possibly face cancellation fees.

If a technician is needed for a confirmed booking over a weather hold, the company with the weather hold has 24hours to confirm or release.

Rate negotiations

If a Production Company intends to negotiate the technician’s fee, they should inform the agent when placing the hold and discuss directly with the technician prior to confirming.

For charity jobs, fee negotiations with the technician should be done before placing the hold with the agent.

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© 2023 AusCrew Pty Ltd